JOU photographed by Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

Jonathan Bellini, 23, from Brazil with italian roots is represented by Marilyn Hommes

Your favorite occupation? Sports/ Spend time with my family

Your idea of happiness? I always thought that “Happiness” was something that you had to have a reason for. To be honest for me happiness comes within yourself first of all, there’s no one in life that would make you happy if you are not happy with yourself. Our mind is like other muscles in our body, that also can be trained to focus in what makes us happy.

My reason to be happy is to be alive, to have the opportunity to wake up everyday and always live life with love and compassion to others.

Your idea of misery? Misery is what make people unhappy, make us complain every single day about simple stuff in our routine. Misery is a feeling that you no longer need to let it grown inside you.

Your favorite color and flower? I love all the colors and every flower.

What is your present state of mind? Blessed and full of love.

Your favorite motto? ” Don’t be too quick to interpret the moment. Just keep quiet. My encouragement would always be: Never think anything is agains’t you, everything is blessing. Why should it be different? Just keep quiet. Let it all work itself out”  By: Mooji

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