Madonna photographed by Jorun Larsen

The child, the old, the madonna

I am looking for black bile
Juggeling with my child, my death
and my inner Madonna

Then they are no longer three
they are one

I am bleeding.

I cut to the bone
to find my bile

Photographer Jorun Larsen is from Norway.

Below her explanation about her Madonna project :

“The role of being a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a life giving woman get summed up in this particular body of work,” she notes.

In Larsen’s mind the Madonna represents all of these roles in life. It was a natural title of the project for her.

She continues: ” The chaotic feelings that show up when you are drawn between your own needs and the responsibility of the people around you, can be overwhelming.

Edvard Munch’s Madonna painting led me towards exploring my own inner chaos regarding the theme. The feeling of falling short, the struggle as a mother to let go.

The need of beeing selfish at times, and at the same time be present for my loved ones.

The images are self portraits, made with a self made pinhole camera. The series is also about the general female battle it can be to balance the roles of the Madonna.”

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