CLARA MÜGGE photographed by Sebastian Trägner

photographed by
Sebastian Trägner

"Dancer in Black and white"
©Sebastian Trägner

Surname: Clara-Sophie Johanna 
Given name: –
Date of birth: somewhen in 97
Nationality: German
Place of birth: Leipzig
Color of eyes: green, blue, some yellow, some spots  
Height: 168 cm
Religious name or pseudonym: None, but my name means “the radiant one“ nice, no?

"Dancer in Black and white"
©Sebastian Trägner


Sugar is sweet? (“Lovesexy” lyrics by Prince)
Kissing is sweeter!

Love is temporary, nutella is permanent?
Peanut butter addiction since ‘97.

Gene Kelly or John Travolta?
Only stayin’ alive for your inner John.

You should be dancing? (Song by the Bee Gees)
Life is a performance and dancing is the most pleasurable form of it… so never ever stop.

Sally can’t dance? (Album by Lou Reed)
Oh I will teach her.

"Dancer in Black and white"
©Sebastian Trägner

Clara can waltz?!?
I always wanted to find the perfect partner for ballroom dancing like in the movie “Shall We Dance” with JLo and Richard Gere. Unfortunately, I am very bad at following lead, so I need someone who I really trust with waltzing.

Breakdancing or pas de deux?
In the end, it’s the same pleasure like having good sex.

Dirty Dancing? (Movie by Emile Ardolino)
I actually danced the famous last part (including the lift) with my former ballet teacher. I fell a little bit in love during the rehearsals hahaha.

A shower a day keeps the doctor away?
At least it keeps you clean… but its true, I ALWAYS have an ice cold shower in the morning and this keeps me really fit actually, especially in winter.

On doctor’s orders: Shouldn’t top medical experts call for a ban on dance?
The dance community should call for a ban on medical expert opinions. They are just jealous.

"Dancer in Black and white"
©Sebastian Trägner

No pain no gain?
Simply true.

Dance. Movement. Freedom?
When I feel trapped in situations and I don’t know how to solve them, I sometimes just perform myself as if I were a character to find new perspectives. It helps me a lot navigate one-way situations. So I would totally agree with the statement.

There is always someone stepping out of line?
I don’t care for line dance anyhow.

How do you achieve a healthy work-life balance?
The only balance I care about is the “balance in passé relevé”.

Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life?
Yes! Once you’re really out of breath you feel it.

"Dancer in Black and white"
©Sebastian Trägner

Do you smoke?
With reference to the question above; yes, for a reason of course 😉

Fit Body = Fit Mind?
Not always, but for me a fit body is a good base for a fit mind.

Who is your worst enemy? Isaac Newton aka the law of gravity?
Probably, my own worst enemy is myself, I guess.

Your worst enemy could be your best friend? (“Who The Cap Fit” lyrics by Bob Marley)
My worst enemy is my best friend already. I am good at making myself laugh and cry at the same time.

Attitude is a pose?
In dance, you never pose. Every movement should appear natural and be active even in its stillness, so (having an) attitude is a way to live 😉

Tutu or tattoo?
I don’t like tutus, but I’ve got many tattoos.

Make up? (Song by Lou Reed)
I could go out naked with nothing on, but you will never see me without the little dots under my eyes…

"Dancer in Black and white"
©Sebastian Trägner

Like mother, like daughter?
Hell no.

Stay horny for art?
No dick is as hard as life, so you should take in all the little inspirations around you to enjoy yourself.

You should find the three biggest bitches in your town and start a band? (Quotation from Courtney Love)
Unfortunately I can’t sing, but I’ll play the drums.

If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us? (Quotation from David Attenborough)
For me, everything is connected, so in my opinion we should be aware of what we cause and effect.

Does anybody care when a bag of rice loses its balance and collapses in China?
At least the person who is the owner will care a lot.

Uwe Buschmann (Copy editing Silvia Strauch)

"Dancer in Black and white"
©Sebastian Trägner


Clara is studying Contemporary Dance and Performance in Cologne. She works as a freelance dancer and performance artist. She loves dressing up like hell, even if she only takes out the trash. Lately, she has got her first guest contract at the Schauspielhaus Köln and is very very proud. Follow her on Instagram

Sebastian “Traegi” Trägner is a German photographer and photojournalist based in Cologne. His work mainly shows a split between portraits, fashion and social reporting.


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