Face Lace photographed by Felix Lammers

Phyllis Cohen, Make Up artist and Fashion illustrator, created Face Lace to turn every face in a few seconds into a masterpiece: Peel off, stick on and show off! 

After launching in 2012, Face Lace became an immediate favourite among makeup artists and members of the general public wanting dramatic, but fool-proof, makeup results quickly. It has been used for quick changes on some of the most popular TV show such as Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, and The Voice. Creative, show-stopping entertainers such as Lady Gaga, Paloma Faith, and Nicole Scherzinger have worn Face Lace. Since 2012 Face Lace has often made waves on social media and has also been worn on the catwalks during London Fashion Week.

Proust Questionnaire with Phyllis Cohen 

The principal aspect of my personality scatterbrain, but out of the maelstrom comes ideas

What I appreciate most about my friends shared laughter

My main fault too many ideas at once

 My favorite occupation designing Face Lace

My dream of happiness  for my kids to find satisfaction – creative or otherwise in their lives

What would be my greatest misfortune? anything bad for my children

What I should like to be remembered for giving something

The country where I should like to live the UK with a strong NHS

My favourite colour lilac

The flower that I like Iris

My favorite bird peacock

My favorite authors in literature Yann Martel, Isabelle Allende

My favorite music/ musicien a cross between Bowie and Ravel would be great

My favorite painters Rembrandt, Gerhard Richter

 My heroes in real life Helen Keller, Maya Angelou, Einstein

What i hate the most conceit

Historical characters that I despise the most Hitler

The gift of nature that I would like to have synaesthesia

How I’d like to die quickly

Current state of mind contentment

Faults that inspire me the most inability to relax, indulgence, chocolate

My motto I asked my kids they said “clean your room” or my belief- “put in the hours and you’ll get there”

For more info and to shop Face Lace https://face-lace.com/

Make-up Yasmin Heinz with products from pixi by petra London


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