JAVIER DE PARDO photographed by Laurent Meri

photographed by
Laurent Meri

Javier, 26, is from Albacete, Spain.

"Portrait Stylist"
©Laurent Meri

What do you do in life?
Working with what I like, styling and art direction, spending time with my friends and
family and getting to know unknown places and soaking up new cultures that give me another vision.

Your favorite ocupation?
I love partying, being with my friends, playing board games and enjoying a good terrace.

Your idea of happiness?

Take advantage of the time and place, and laugh a little at the problems that in the long
run , are not such problems.

Your idea of misery?

Not knowing how to value and take care of things and people around you.

What is your current state of mind?
Before COVID I had many dreams, like moving to Paris or London, but I think that for
now I will stay calm in Spain for a few months until the sky clears a bit.

Your favorite motto?
I spent many years saying: “don’t ask for baked pears”, until a great friend of mine
told me it was: “don’t ask for pears from the elm tree”, but anyway, I think I’m sticking
with my own version.

Agency: 8 Artist Management (8AM) Barcelona

_Interview Laurent MERI

"Portrait Stylist"
©Laurent Meri

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