OLD LOVE photographed by Annabel Oosteweeghel

Today, the media exhibits a single-minded focus on showing young, perfect people in love. We’re used to this image of youthful sexuality and intimacy. But for Annabel Oosteweeghel, older people are beautiful as well—and they also have an intimate life that should be shown.

It’s time for our depictions of romance to broaden and mature.

Thus, “Old Love” is a project about intimate moments shared between older people. To produce this series, Oosteweeghel created  stories of intimacy between older couples, all staged and stylized. She photographed her models in original 1960s houses, as a nod to and revival of the sexual freedoms from that era. It is thanks to these past efforts that today’s young people can enjoy such care-free love.

What happens when young love ripens, when our prototypical lovers walk off, hand- in-hand, into the sunset and then enter their sunset years together..?

These are the questions that inspired Oosteweeghel to make Old Love, a photo series that unveils the deeply intimate and unabashedly sexual lives of a fictional older couple.

With a background in filmmaking, she takes pictures like a director, emphasizing plot and creating an entire immersive world. Each Old Love couple has its own story that slowly unravels across the almost voyeuristic photographs by Oosteweeghel.

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