SANDRA photographed by Andrea Herzog

Sandra Soliman, 23, is originally from the state of North Carolina and the daughter of two Egyptian immigrants.

"Woman in New York"

What do you do in life? I’m a model who reads voraciously and cooks.

Your favorite occupation? I want be multihypenate model-actress-socialite-food critic-DJ-sex symbol-podcaster.

Your idea of happiness? Owning a bakery in Vermont. Eating all the pastries and/or not being affected by the impending climate catastrophe.

Your idea of misery? Dying alone or better put, not having any substantive interpersonal relationships while on my death bed. We all technically die alone.

Your favorite color and flower? Chartreuse. Venus Fly Trap.

What is your present state of mind? Neurosis and absurdism.

Your favorite motto? Take the Monet and Let’s Gogh.

Sandra is represented by MARILYN AGENCY NEW YORK

_Interview by Andrea Herzog