MAYA photographed by Andrea Herzog

Maya Frankel, 19, is from Florida.

"black and white photo of woman in New York"
©Andrea Herzog

What do you do in life?
I’m a model and a student.

Your favorite occupation? My favorite occupation would be a writer for a fashion magazine as I am enamored with the fashion industry being a model. This occupation would allow me to travel the world, following fashion trends and sharing those trends with my readers, while simultaneously experiencing new cultures and meeting new people.

Your idea of happiness? My idea of happiness is the ability to maintain a state of contentment and I try to do that by not living in fear.

"black and white photo of woman in New York"
©Andrea Herzog

Your idea of misery? My idea of misery is being isolated from the people I love, as well as them be unhappy or in pain. I want everyone to be happy and filled with love because what is life without love.

Your favorite color and flower? My favorite color is yellow and my favorite flower is the sunflower because they both represent happiness.

What is your present state of mind? My present state of mind is enjoying every moment as it comes and fully being in the present rather than focusing on what is next. Having no regrets and growing from every experience, good and bad, is the mindset I want to continue having, as I am already an extremely positive person.

Your favorite motto? My favorite motto is “give yourself a break”, which applies to all aspects of life and is a reminder many of us need in this crazy beautiful world we live in!

"black and white photo of woman in New York"
©Andrea Herzog

Maya is represented by MARILYN AGENCY NEW YORK

_Interview by Andrea Herzog


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