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Where are you from?
I am a world citizen, I belong to where work brings me to. This current year has made a mark for most of us on how much we rely on modern technologies and how easy to take things for granted. When things don’t work the way we want, we easily tend to complain rather than think straight and seek a solution to get the problem solved

How old are you?
I often get this question, but I don’t usually answer straight away. I believe I am old enough.

What do you do in life?
I work in the creative industry. When I finished my Uni major in Fashion Design and Multimedia & Photography, I worked as a stylist and visual artist to start. And slowly worked my way up as a Creative Director for a fashion publication, a fashion photographer and an Art Director for a production company. People usually think they should have one job or title at a time. For me, I don’t buy that idea. I think while you are in the creative industry, you shouldn’t label yourself for one particular thing. That’s where the new term slash generation comes from. We should be flexible and in control of our life, having the freedom to do what we like. Being able to share a tiny part of the creative processing and to give back to the industry. Even now I work on my own Modelling Agency, doesn’t mean I am being bounded by that, I still work as a photographer and also another part of mine as a business consultant taking care of brand development, design and business strategy. I found it very interesting especially while I am having my own business and sometimes I could see what could be better if there’s a bigger team.
The creative process is seemingly crucial and gives me steady motivation towards daily life. Every second of my life is being inspired by things and people around. Lucky enough, I have never ever worked on anything boring. I guess that’s what I kept reminding myself when I was young. Keep dreaming and dream big. No dreams are too big to dream of; nothing is impossible to achieve. Yet you need to learn better by making mistakes. The bigger you fall, the faster you learn.
Your favourite occupation?
As mentioned, I am very grateful and humble to say that I am doing exactly what I love, not just a particular job, but the whole creative process within my work life. Personally, when I am in control of what I am doing, that makes it my favourite occupation.
Your idea of happiness?
When you are doing what you love at the same time love what you do. It is not that difficult to find happiness in life. Think it depends how you perceive things. Of course when you always look at things in a big picture, you certainly miss a lot of bypasses and tiny things you could simply appreciate. You can set a big goal for yourself, but if you don’t know how to enjoy or find happiness in the process, you won’t get there eventually.
Your idea of misery?
When you don’t feel love, not being in love or you don’t find somebody to give love.
Your favourite color and flower?
In personal style wise, I love the shades of blue, green and earth tones, pretty much you can picture how my world looks like. I think color reflects one’s personality. Blue and green color gives me comfort, sense of honesty and harmony in life. As I always seek for deep personal inner peace and truth.
My favourite flower is Hydrangea, a flower of hope as it starts blooming from mid-spring through late summer. I am a very much a Summer-love person, who enjoys the positivity of a bright blue sky, golden sands with a hint of summer breeze and sun kisses on skin.
What is your present state of mind?
I am neutral, I always try to keep myself in a neutral state of mind the best I could. Especially in this ever-changing industry I am working in. The only way can keep going and move forward is to learn how to let things go.
Your favourite motto?
You didn’t come this far to only come this far.

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_Interview by Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

"Black and white portrait Jovei Blink"
©Jovei Blink