“She was dressed in priceless clothes of silk and muslin, she was the most beautiful of all …” Hans Christian Andersen
Sequin dress by Vanessa Bruno
Lace dress by Lou de Betoly
Crystal necklace by Regina Dabdab
Silk dress by Forte_Forte
Silk scarf by Innangelo
Shirt by Forte_Forte
Skirt by Vanessa Bruno
Earring by Shourouk
Silky blouse by Roseanna
Velvet trousers by Oud Paris
Cotton dress by Forte_Forte
Jacket by Tsolo Munkh
Silky caraco by Mes Demoiselles
Skirt by Vanessa Bruno
Necklace by Tsolo Munkh

Photographer : Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai  http://www.thesaraghazitabatabai.com/

Model : Jalela Ferrao

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