Alpha Dia is rocking the runways during this fall winter 2017/18 fashion week. He’s just everywhere : 8 shows in Paris and 7 shows in Milan!

LetKiss sits down with him for a photo session and a chat to know more about this season’s champ.

Alpha wears coat by Eclectic and pin by Bless


Alpha wears jacket by Eclectic, pants and pullover by Bless, silk scarf by Alexander McQueen and shoes model’s own


Alpha wears jacket by Eclectic, pin and pullover by Bless


Alpha wears jacket by Eclectic, pants, pin and pullover by Bless


Alpha wears jacket by Eclectic, pants, pin and pullover by Bless


Alpha wears jacket by Eclectic, pin and pullover by Bless


Please present yourself !

My name is Alpha Dia, 23 years old.

I was born in Senegal in 1992.

Since 2003 I live with my father in Hamburg, Germany.

What’s your story ?

Two years ago while working as a barkeeper in a bar in Hamburg, Reeperbahn a photographer proposed me a shooting. It only took place six months later. Two months passed by and I walked the runway in Milan for Prada.

What was your best moment in your career?

Just before my turn at my first Prada show I had a conversation with the stylist Olivier. I will never forget his words …

And in your life?

Each time I go back home to Senegal to see my mom.

Can you describe how it is when you see your Mom?

It’s difficult to find words to describe these moments of simply pure love and happiness. It’s amazing how proud of me she always is!

When did you see her last time?

Last time was in 2014.

Before I was 18 my dad paid me the flight so I went back there every year. Today, I’m looking forward to save money to buy my flight myself.

What do you do besides modelling?

At the moment I’m a full time model.

What would you like to do besides modelling?

I want to go to university.

Engineering is something that I really like : Engineering and economics. I would love to work for Airbus because of my French and German.

Is home Senegal?

Yes, Senegal is home but I don’t want to miss Hamburg because of my friends.

What do you believe in ?

Nobody is born hating another person!

What are your dreams?

Living in a world without hunger, discrimination and war.

Any projects for the future?

One day  I want to go back home to Senegal to help my family and support projects that will make my dreams come true.

If I can help people to find a way to have every day something to eat I’ll be happy.

Interview and styling by Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

Alpha Dia is represented @ Marilyn Hommes



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