Between the light going off and the beginning of the day, I have known places ships don’t set a course to, where there are no trains and no cars, where yellow traffic lights mean to slow down and not to accelerate. Children, men and women live here without pulling or pushing. Under the Icelandic light they share the same look, heat and hopes in a neon pool, in cities with different names that all look alike.
Some boys race to push a shopping cart, a mother only purchases food in colored boxes, and an old man dives into a hot water pool at 41°.
In an ocean of colours and in a sea of ​​empty roads, I have no idea where I have been or where I will be at their age.
How to photograph Iceland without necessarily representing it for what it is (beautiful)?
In 13 days and 2994 km travelled, I have been trying to break the mirror and not to depict Iceland as the land of rivers, volcanoes and endless glaciers, but to photograph it in a completely unusual and aseptic manner, so that, for once, we can get away from the explosion of nature and live in colors, giving voice to the island’s minority: humans.

_Luca Arena

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