by Monsieur Mitri

2020 one of the most exhausting period of time in years for humanity.
Here we are again, going through the second Lockdown in Europe.
Living in the rhythm of a virus, the Covid19.
The result of the first isolation and social distancing is “Love with a view”.

“It is not a video about the lockdown in spring 2020”, explains Monsieur Mitri.
“This  is more a  kind of exit”, he continues, “During this quarantine, I realised all I needed was Love. Giving and  welcoming. Mitri considered himself a solitary man before these uncertain times.
“I always thought I could glow alone in the dark”, he says, ”Well i was wrong… I need connection to feel alive: The glut of news, I read every day, drove me mad. The kind words of the french singer Barbara gave me hope, the emotion of Rone’s music made me feel overwhelmed with Love”, the director concludes.

Mr Mitri was born in England but spent all his childhood in Provence near Avignon. After studying performing arts at university, he left for Paris to attend film school. He stayed almost ten years there. Today Mitri lives and works in Barcelona.

_Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

Video by Monsieur Mitri
Music ” Room with a view ” by Rone
Text by Barbara (INA 1969)
Starring Laurent Méri