Mademoiselle Kim is an expressionist artist who currently lives and works in Paris.

The LetKiss team discovered Kim’s work at the Galerie Elo, managed by talent sneaking Wilson-Claude Balda, in Paris where she exhibits until middle of May 2018. She’ll be exclusively in concert at the same address on May 3rd from 9pm on at:

CREPERIE ELO (1st floor )
7 rue Saint-Antoine
75004 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 43 48 21 47


Faces & Figures

The starting point is a cell where isolation and its longevity are expressed by illegible graphs. A means of communication with the outside. it is also the acceptance… and from there comes the liberation.

“My painting conveys my feelings, my fears, the madness and the hope, its healing”

The artist questions; What are we without the gaze of others ?

Has figurative painting become “passé” since everyone can take a portrait with a cell phone and share it on social networks at any given moment?

“I think it’s the opposite;, there’s a return to the figurative. We do not see the same things. The people I paint do not see themselves as I see them  and that’s fine. I do not embellish the human figure, let alone mine. The gaze is at the center of my work because it arouses desire. “

Mademoiselle Kim perpetuates the figurative tradition with her portraits, sometimes grotesque ,In small format so it is more intimate. Made with oil pastels worked in layers and pronounced naïve lines with bold colors.

Proust Questionnaire with Mademoiselle Kim

The principal aspect of my personality

I am kind

What I appreciate most about my friends

I appreciate their honesty and that they care for me and show it

My main fault

I am impatient

My favorite occupation 

Eating and drinking wine (I am French, after all) while having intellectual conversations with my friends

My dream of happiness 

To be in love and be loved

What would be my greatest misfortune 

Losing my friends

What I should like to be 

A better version of myself

The country where I should like to live

France (but of course)

My favourite colour

Black – It is the color of light

The flower that I like

Sunflowers. They are tall and yellow and make me think of Van Gogh

My favorite bird

The one who sings the best

My favorite authors in literature

Bukowski, Rimbaud, Bataille

My heroes in fiction

Blanche from Les Dialogues des Carmelites. She overcame her biggest fear (of fear itself)

My favorite music/ musicien

Bob Dylan

My favorite painters

Matisse, Soutine, Bosch

My heroes in real life

My friends Helmut and Edward – They are dreamers and are making their dreams come true

My favorite names

Romy because of Romy Schneider and Louis (for the king)

What i hate the most

Ignorance and stinginess

Historical characters that I despise the most

Hitler seems an obvious choice

The gift of nature that I would like to have

I want to be 6 foot tall

How I’d like to die

Quickly, painlessly surrounded by those who love me

Current state of mind

Contemplative; optimistic

Faults that inspire me the most indulgence


My motto

Move on – A recent passion of mine, the composer Stephen Sondheim, inspires me (from “Sunday in the Park with George”)

Mademoiselle Kim with Claude Wilson Balda from Elo Gallery


2nd floor
7 rue Saint-Antoine
75004 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 43 48 21 47 

_Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

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