LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON photographed by Bertrand Jeannot
Velvet jumpsuit by Véronique Leroy
Cotton shirt by Vanessa Bruno
Wool jacket by Agnès B
Leather skirt by Drome
Wool body by Muveil
Fur vest by Vanessa Bruno
Leather trousers by Lutz Huelle
Leather dress by Drome
Fake fur bolero by Veronique Leroy
Dress by Lutz Huelle
Velvet coat and trousers by La prestic Ouiston
Jumper by Agnes B
Boots by Drome
Velvet jumpsuit and silky boots by Véronique Leroy
Wool jumper by Agnès B
Skirt by Muveil
Jacket by Drome
Lurex jumper by Vanessa Bruno

Photos : Bertrand Jeannot

Hair : Fabrice Sarasola 

Make Up : Paola Ferrari @ Sybille Kleber 

Stylist assistant : Louis Alexis Demain

Model : Élodie @ Metropolitan Models

Casting Director : rama. instagram:ramacasting


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