Lisa photographed by Bertrand Jeannot

Lisa, 19, from France, Aquitaine is represented by Marilyn Agency

Your favorite occupation? 

Running+motocross / cooking for my family / celebrate holidays like Halloween or Christmas / doing math exercises 

Your idea of happiness?

Having a family that loves you no matter what, supports you and gives you the best advice. Having a person (a sister) with who you share everything and who knows all your secrets. Happiness is just be able to enjoy the little things in life 🙂

Your idea of misery?

Being alone or with intolerant people who don’t try to understand you and respect you. To live a boring life where you don’t take risks and don’t try new things. To be unhealthy and not able to reach your goals.

Your favorite color and flower?  

My favorite color is red and my favorite flowers are tulips and cherry blossoms 

What is your present state of mind?

To rise up and push myself to the limit

Your favorite motto?  

Whenever you feel sad just remember there are billions of cells in your body and all they care about is YOU.

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