photographed by
Sebastian Trägner

"sexy girl black and white photo"

Surname: –
Date of birth: –
Nationality: German
Place of birth: Berlin
Colour of eyes: green
Height: 165 cm
Religious name or pseudonym: McLovin

"sexy girl black and white photo"


Trust is fine, but control is better? (A quotation from Elfriede Jelinek)
It really depends. I definitely like being in control of things, otherwise my anxiety kicks in. But depending on the situation, letting go can make for a good time for sure.

Good girls don’t kiss and tell. True or false?
As far as I’m concerned, good girlism is a concept that outlived itself quite some time ago. Since I’m a sexual liberalization activist I’d say every woman should get to decide for herself what she wants to share.

"sexy girl black and white photo"

You are the jealous type, aren’t you?
Not at all, I despise the concept of considering a person property.

Which of the Ten Commandments is the most important?
To rest on Sundays of course!

Which is the deadliest of the seven deadly sins?
That people in the 2000s thought The Big Bang Theory was a good TV show.

"sexy girl black and white photo"

When do you get angry?
Mansplaining, slut-shaming and Star Wars Episode VIII.

Revenge is a dish best served cold?
I wish I could say that, but I’m a total coward when it comes to revenge. I just paypal my therapist to stay sane.

Any resemblance with Sarah Marie Johnson is a mere coincidence, right?
The only difference between her and me is I never got caught.

Have you ever stolen something from a store? If you have, what was it?
When I was little I snatched some kid’s pokemon cards but felt so terrible about it that I returned them the next day.

"sexy girl black and white photo"

If someone stole your heart, what would you do?
Sue them.

What is your favorite scent?
Dior Sauvage.

What is the most erotic song you have ever heard?
“Cry to me” by Solomon Burke.

Rembrandt van Rijn or Banksy?
Rembrandt is bae.

Would you rather want all your shirts two sizes too big or one size too small?
Two sizes bigger so I get to hide my back rolls.

"sexy girl black and white photo"

Would you rather have all your food too salty or too sweet? (“Extras”, UK TV Show)

Have you ever used a fake ID to buy alcohol?
Of course, the perks of having McLovin as my alter ego.

Do you drink and drive?
I drink and stay home. I can’t even drive sober to be honest.

You gotta fight for your right to party? (“Fight For Your Right” lyrics by Beastie Boys)
As in Covid restrictions? – No, I just accept my fate and knit sweaters. I love a good party but now is not the time.

The tears of a stranger are just water. Why? Just why?
No, I have a very strong feeling of compassion for people who are in need.

_Uwe Buschmann (Copy editing Silvia Strauch)


Sarah Marie is currently studying to get a degree in art conservation. Additionally, she works as a language teacher for Syrian women and she is highly active in the feminist movement. McLovin /

Sebastian “Traegi” Trägner is a German photographer and photojournalist based in Cologne. His work mainly shows a split between portraits, fashion and social reporting.

"sexy girl black and white photo"