Last month when the LetKiss team was walking through Paris they bumped into this bizarre and colourful installation. There was a pinkish curtain we had to pass through which actually was a giant vagina. That’s where we met Fiona and Gabriel from My Holy which is the honest and sensitive vision about women’s monthly trouble of having their period.

The company totally agrees that it’s an annoying issue that they decided to take all this in a cool and playful way. They started with bio cotton tampons but are currently developing a full range of health-friendly protections that are comfortable for the body and more sustainable for the environment – See on the images below!

My Holy’s priority and duty is to inform the customers in all transparency so that they can choose in perfect knowledge the products and alternatives that are right for them.

They offer also solitary programs to support women during her period in France and abroad.

You can find their products on their website

We’re curious to hear from you about your experiences with their products! Keep us posted!

_Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

"my holy vagina"
Photo by Myra
Photo by Myra
Photo by Myra
Photo by Myra
Photo by Myra
"period protection"
Photo by Myra