COSMO photographed by Alessandro Messina

Alessandro Messina asks each of us to exist, celebrating the crudity of the inevitability of existence. At the same time his gaze is the key to the praise of lack, the cult of absence, isolating spaces and people, between industrial minimalism and the tragicity of the present. An eye to the past and the other blind towards the future, in increasingly crowded places yet emptied of any meaning by the dramatic beauty of sunrises and the solitude of people. COSMO is the expression of a photographic research the artist has been cultivating for some time, mature and concrete, of cement and light. If we ever find ourselves in the places of those photographs we would not be able to recognize them, it is a mental and sentimental photography and therefore elusive and capable of understanding birth and death. In Russian, the word καсмос (kosmos) simply means space, and space is the antagonist who moves against the photograph itself that fights with the goal in a game of composition and decomposition. Chaos does not exist, there is a sense of profound immanence, a strong rationalism like a root buried as big as the branches of the tree of non-existence. In photography, in this kind of photography, one must stay there and be able to live in it.

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