CLAUDE WILSON BALDA by Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

LetKiss, inspired by the finnish dance Letkajenka (LetKiss), is dance stepping with interesting folks around the globe : Today’s guest is french Claude Wilson Balda.

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This guy is a blast – Balda is a multi-talented multi-tasker.

He was born in Brest, Brittany, by an ethiopian mother and a benign father

In the past he created several radio stations.

Today he designs t-shirts, acts and dances, has his own cartoon, gallery, magazine and after all his own online TV called –

His TV show BLABLA WILSON is a non-community talk show featuring cultural policies, social vibrations, art news, literature, painting, dance, architecture and Europe.

Claude Wilson Balda with singer and painter Mademoiselle Kim during his TV show recording BLABLA WILSON
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Music of all genres is performed live as well.

Its social mix, its generational diversity and its mix of communities makes the show’s stage a heteroclite scene meeting of artistic and literary quality.

This guarantee makes the broad, rich and inspiring audience of the show.

Always up to date Wilson’s fans join BLABLA to discover, learn and understand the current issues of French society plunged into the clash of european and global cultures.

This year Claude Wilson Balda works on a Marvin Gaye documentary and a new concept for the TV show CODE F – Who are these feminists who change the world.

Further on, he prepares 15 appointments around the 40 years of the sailing tour “La Route de rhum” from Saint Malo, Brittany to Guadeloupe for October/ November 2018.

Claude Wilson Balda with choreographer Aliashka Hilsum during his TV show recording BLABLA WILSON
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Stay tuned and check out the traditional LetKiss interview with the Proust Questionnaire with Wilson :

The principal aspect of my personality

My openness to others rich of my invulnerable optimism

What I appreciate most about my friends

We grow up without losing sight of each other. Our children too.

My main fault

My loneliness

My favorite occupation 

What I am doing and juggling today : Create, produce, orchestrate and share.

Claude Wilson Balda during his TV show recording BLABLA WILSON
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My dream of happiness

Create a visionary cultural center in the suburbs

What would be my greatest misfortune 

To not find the place where I belong to.

I lived it already twice in my life :

1- At France O – And I went away.

2- At the Theater of the illusionist Elizabeth Czerczuk at Nation, Paris. A case study for life to understand what  must never be done.

What I should like to be 

What am I !

The country where I should like to live

Where I am.

My favourite colour


The flower that I like

Black Rose

My favorite bird


Singer Magou Samb during Balda’s TV show BLABLA WILSON
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My favorite authors in literature

Senghor, Dumas, Delerm, Chalumeau

My heroes in fiction

David Janssen in the Fugitive, Colombo, Hulk

My favorite music/ musicien

Soul of Marvin Gaye, Gershwin, Mozart, James Brown, Miles Davis, Beyoncé

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My favorite painters

Bacon, Basquiat, N. Bijakovsky, Mademoiselle Kim

My heroes in real life

Hospital emergency doctors and all those who take a benevolent look at their neighbor

My favorite names

Churchill, Merkel, Obama

What i hate the most


Historical characters that I despise the most


Claude Wilson Balda with soprano Emilia Rose Bry during his TV show BLABLA WILSON
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The gift of nature that I would like to have


How I’d like to die

Quietly in my bed

Current state of mind


Faults that inspire me the most indulgence

The lack of culture

My motto

The one of France : Freedom, Equality, Fraternity

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_Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

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